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TALK Healthy Body – Healthy Mind: The Gut -Brain Axis

Presenter: Steven Acuff, author and health coach Venue: New Harvest Organic store, 111B Nepean Hwy, Seaford Date & Time: Saturday, 4 Feb.  4.30  – 6.30 pm Registration and pre-payment in the shop: Tel 9785 2114 Cost: $20 (pre-pay to secure your seat) How does food impact physical and mental health? How are seemingly opposite aspects,

Learn how to have more Energy & Improve Immunity with Proper Nutrition

Join Ksenija Dedijer Homoeopathic Clinician & Nutritionist Sat 18th June 4.30pm Tickets $30 (Pre-pay to secure your seat) Venue: New Harvest Produce Organic Store, 111B Nepean Hwy, Seaford Proper nourishing food gives us energy, improves our focus & allows our bodies to operate to their full potential which strengthens our immunity. Learn about minerals that

HOW TO SEE YOUR HEALTH: A talk with Steven Acuff (Feb 25th 2017)

AN INTRODUCTION TO FACIAL AND BODY HEALTH EVALUATION FROM THE HEALING TRADITIONS OF EAST AND WEST   Don’t miss this unique experience: learn how to read the body with the traditional Oriental understanding of the energetics of Yin and Yang. Add to this the Western analytical approach with German naturopathic diagnostics. After the presentation, volunteers

KOMBUCHA! We love it! WORKSHOP Coming up Sept 24th 2016!

Kombucha! What is it? Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you HAVE probably heard something of this health trend! It has been quite popular in health and organic communities for a few years now, and doesn’t look to be slowing down in popularity anytime soon. How would we describe kombucha? Well, it’s kind

The J.E.R.F. Project~ Tastings this Saturday 13th Feb 2016, 11am-1pm!

The J.E.R.F. Project~ Tastings this Saturday 13th Feb 2016, 11am-1pm! J.E.R.F. stands for “Just eat real food”, which we at New Harvest whole heartedly agree with! What a great opportunity to meet Melissa and try some of her beautiful creations this Saturday in store! Here’s a little bit more about the JERF Project: “THE WHY For people

INTUITIVE EATING- Steven Acuff & Angelika Bertacco (March 5th 2016)

INTUITIVE EATING In nutrition, there is a fixation on science and head-based logic with only scientific explanation seemingly worthy of any notice. This one-sided approach has led to a loss of intuitive perception and holistic understanding. We know scientifically what makes us overweight, unhealthy and sick, but we keep on doing what we shouldn’t and

Don Chisholm Talk “Have You Got the Guts to be Really Healthy?”~ Tues 17th November

How lucky are we to have Don Chisholm in Seaford! Don is an international speaker and author of the book ‘Have you got the Guts to be Really Healthy?”. He has also recently developed a fantastic range of whole food probiotic powders: Probiotic Foods organic nutrition powders provide you with probiotic & prebiotics made from organic whole food, through

Kombucha Workshop at New Harvest Produce Oct. 24!

This Saturday we are so please to have Griz of Wild Ferments Kombucha in store to teach us the art of making Kombucha! Kombucha is  a lightly effervescent, fermented, probiotic health drink. It’s absolutely delicious and has many health benefits. It’s really easy, fun and inexpensive to make. When: Sat 24th of October 2015 @
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