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INTUITIVE EATING- Steven Acuff & Angelika Bertacco (March 5th 2016)


In nutrition, there is a fixation on science and head-based logic with only scientific explanation seemingly worthy of any notice. This one-sided approach has led to a loss of intuitive perception and holistic understanding. We know scientifically what makes us overweight, unhealthy and sick, but we keep on doing what we shouldn’t and now have an enormous crisis in public health.

The perspective of nutrition science is narrow, as it focuses only on measuring the physical world and drawing conclusions based on this. Of course, we need science, but we also need to understand the role of man’s food traditions and the energetic, intuitive dimension of nutrition known for thousands of years in the Far East.

Steven Acuff and Angelika Bertacco present their new book

Eating the Wu Way for a longer, healthier life

The Daoist concept Wu Wei means literally not doing, no action. Man should not do anything that disturbs the natural connection to the order of nature, the DAO. Go with the flow of nature as the trees do.

Steven explains how to eat to live in balance with the energy of nature and Angelika talks about her recipes to put this unique way of eating into practice. This session will last about an hour and a half. Everyone is welcome to stay for Q and A.

Time: Saturday, 5 March at 5pm

Venue: New Harvest Organic Shop, 111B Nepean Hwy, Seaford

Registration: Tel. 03 9785 2114 

Price: $20 (Pre-pay to secure your seat)

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