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Umeboshi Plum ‘Salted Plums’ (Spiral Foods)

Umeboshi Plum ‘Salted Plums’ (Spiral Foods)



Ume Boshi Plums’ are a salty pickled plum that have their origin in China over 3000 years ago. Spiral Foods’ plums contain shiso leaves, which is added during pickling to impart a reddish colour and natural flavouring. The ume plant has been part of Japanese culture for centuries. Umeboshi was first brought to Japan around 1500 years ago as a medicine. The effectiveness of Umeboshi has been documented in Chinese medicine books as far back as 3000 years ago.

Today Umeboshi is considered a traditional Japanese pickle and is used as an ingredient for rice balls or eaten with a bowl of rice. It can also be used to add a salty taste at the end of the cooking process by removing the pip and chopping the plum. Similarly, stir into warm water for an alkalising, medicinal tea (add off the boil to retain fermented medicinal properties).

Ingredients: Organic Japanese plums, shiso leaves, sea salt.

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  • Spiral Foods, Coburg, VIC.
  • Organic
  • Fermented & unpasteurised
  • Alkalising & medicinal properties
  • Product of Japan
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