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100% Salmon- Smoked Wild Sockeye 100g

100% Salmon- Smoked Wild Sockeye 100g


Our Canadian Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon is caught in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean along British Columbia’s coast and is also Kosher Certified and Oceanwise Certified
It is great for that individual moment of indulgence while sitting in front of the TV or out at a park or even on your hiking trek as the small, conveniently sized pack is easy to travel with as it fits in any back pack or mini cooler. Thinly sliced slivers are ready to eat off the disposable Golden cardboard tray. All you need is a fork to peal the slivers away and serve.

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  • Sustainably managed river fishery (Ocean Wise Certified)
  • Never farmed = healthy fish (no additives, antibiotics or steroids)
  • Clean Waters– Fished off the West Coast of Canada
  • High levels of Omega 3 & Omega 6 (healthy fats)
  • Little to no mercury content (Lab Tested)
  • Truly wild salmon! (not misleading: ‘Atlantic’ or Ocean Caught’  (both refer to farmed ocean pens) or ‘Wild caught’ (hatchery raised fish that are released and then caught in river systems).
  • Natural Diet of plankton produces deep coral colour unique to wild sockeye salmon (rather than the imitation dyes and supplements which are fed to farmed fish)


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