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Yoghurt, All Natural (Barambah Organics) 500ml

Yoghurt, All Natural (Barambah Organics) 500ml



A wonderfully creamy yoghurt, with layer of cream on top due to the yoghurt being unhomogenised.

This multi-award winning yoghurt is perfect to cook with or great to have on its own. Recent awards include Silver at both the 2011 Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Awards and the Queensland Royal Food & Wine Show (EKKA) and a finalist at the 2009 Vogue Produce Awards.

Ingredients : Certified Organic Unhomogenised Milk, Certified Organic Non-Fat Milk Solids, Live Cultures

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  • Organic
  • Unhomogenised
  •  Cows graze on mixed pastures and are 80% grass fed.  Their diet is supplemented with grains and minerals during milking times.
  • “At Barambah Organics the calves that are born on our property stay within our care. Our calves are not considered by us to be waste products. We are fortunate to have a large expansive area to raise the calves and we are not under any pressure to sell them. At the age of 6 months we take the females to another one of our properties which is 20kms from the dairy farm. There they have 1,300 acres to roam, and we take the males to our 1,000 acre property at Murgon where they are reared to the age of approximately 4 years of age.” www.barambahorganics.com.au
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