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Upcoming April Workshops 2015!



Hello Friends!

Don’t miss the educational and inspirational workshops coming up…

How to Grow and Cook Autumn Asian Vegetables

Saturday April 18th, 4-6pm

Learn from Permaculturalist Seila Hierk and Mikoto Araki on how to grow and cook autumn Asian vegetables. These include Chinese broccoli, bok choy, pak choy, wong bok, Tokyo bekana, shallots or spring onions, tumeric, mizuna, tatsoi, and mustard greens. They can be planted now and are short term vegetables that can be harvested in 2 to 3 months. Find out about crop rotation, what manure is best, what is bolting and mixed planting system. Learn authentic Japanese cooking using these Asian greens. Handouts, seedlings available and food sample.

Cost $20 (Please book and pay in advance.)


The Calcium Myth, Milk & Osteoporosis, A Talk with Steven Acuff 

Saturday April 25th, 4-6pm

  • Strong bones reflect good health
  • What is the real cause the osteoporosis epidemic?
  • Which foods and indulgences contribute weak bones?
  • Why don’t milk, cheese and other dairy products prevent osteoporosis?
  • What is the optimal nutrition for strong bones and good health?

Steven Acuff began exploring wholefoods in 1971 and began lecturing and counselling in 1979. He co-founded a centre for natural food education in 1984 in Sweden and worked as a nutritional counsellor at a medical clinic in Kassel, Germany from 1988-93. In 1989 he wrote a book about healthy food in German, which sold nine editions. The book was also published in Swedish. He is currently writing a book in English, planned for publication later this year.

Cost $20 (Please book and pay in advance.)

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