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Salmon, Sockeye – 100% Wild (Canadian Way)

Salmon, Sockeye – 100% Wild (Canadian Way)


  • 150g Raw Fillet (Skin on) NEW SIZE
  • Frozen Fresh at source

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  • Sustainably managed river fishery (Ocean Wise Certified)
  • Never farmed = healthy fish (no additives, antibiotics or steroids)
  • Clean Waters– Fished off the West Coast of Canada
  • High levels of Omega 3 & Omega 6 (healthy fats)
  • Little to no mercury content (Lab Tested)
  • Truly wild salmon! (not misleading: ‘Atlantic’ or Ocean Caught’  (both refer to farmed ocean pens) or ‘Wild caught’ (hatchery raised fish that are released and then caught in river systems).
  • Natural Diet of plankton produces deep coral colour unique to wild sockeye salmon (rather than the imitation dyes and supplements which are fed to farmed fish)
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