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Kefir, Organic Blue Bay 500ml

Kefir, Organic Blue Bay 500ml



  • Locally produced in Australia for over 10 years using traditional fermentation processes
  • Contains billions of live and active good bacteria and yeast strains (probiotic) per cup ensuring more of these helpful probiotics survive in your stomach
  • Contains prebiotic dietary fibre that increases the effectiveness of good bacteria in your gut. Supports healthy digestive functions
  • Contains a whole host of natural proteins, minerals and vitamins excellent for your general wellbeing

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Kefir is a fantastic dairy option as the fermentation process not only produces a probiotic rich drink, but contains an awesome 10 strains of beneficial bacteria as opposed to most commercial yoghurts with a typical 3-4 strains.

Start with 200ml each day and see how you feel! Drink straight or in a smoothie or on top of cereal. To taste, Kefir has a mild ‘tang’ due to it’s fermented nature.

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