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Seed & Sprout Loaf (Zeally Bay) MON & THURS

Seed & Sprout Loaf (Zeally Bay) MON & THURS



Zeally Bay is a Certified Organic Bakery in Torquay, Victoria.

“A unique loaf with some very special ingredients. Our bakers sprout organic wheat seed which are sweet & moist. Sprouted grains are a nutritional powerhouse. The organic golden linseed (straight from the farmer) is lightly rolled to crack it open enhancing it’s digestibility. Roasted sunflower seeds, buckwheat kernels & wholemeal flour complete the flavour and nourishment profile. Coated in linseed and sesame seeds it is an excellent breakfast bread toasting beautifully but also making wonderful healthy sandwiches.”


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  • Certified organic wholegrain wheat flours
  • Certified organic white wheat flour
  • Filtered water
  • Certified organic sourdough culture
  • Certified organic sprouted wheat seed
  • Certified organic sunflower seeds
  • Certified organic sprouted buckwheat seed
  • Certified organic flax seeds
  • Certified organic seasame seeds
  • Natural sea salt
  • Vitamin C
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